About the course

Offshore Wind Learning is a comprehensive course that is made to be accessible to everyone, both in terms of background, learning styles, and price.
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Offshore Wind Learning is made up of 8 modules which cover a wide range of topics that are foundational to understanding the offshore wind industry. 

Modules include:
  • Fundamentals
  • Development
  • Project Design and Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Markets and Frameworks
  • Supply Chain and Construction
  • Commercial and Finance
  • Operations and End of Life


interactive lessons
Each module contains 2-5 interactive lessons that provide you with the most important knowledge you'll need to know on that topic. The lessons are designed to be engaging and suitable for a wide variety of learning styles by incorporating interactive content. This also gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to better understand key concepts.

Features include: 
  • Videos
  • Graphs and Figures
  • Audio
  • Learning activities
  • Interactive Visuals
  • Quizzes
Each lesson takes around 20 minutes to complete so that you can easily fit Offshore Wind Learning into your busy schedule! We've made the lessons bite-size so that students don't have to commit a large amount of time in order to learn a large amount of information. This type of microlearning has been proven to increase engagement, information retention, and likelihood of completing a course. In the time it takes to watch your favourite Netflix show, you can learn a key building block of one of the world's most exciting industries!

minutes per lesson

for the course
Because the main goal of Offshore Wind Learning is to attract and educate as many people as possible on offshore wind, we've made the course extremely affordable! Although the quality of the knowledge contained in the course would normally be sold for thousands of pounds, we didn't want price to be a barrier for people wanting to learn more about offshore wind. 

Course overview 

Offshore Wind Learning is made up of 28 lessons arranged in 8 modules, which cover the full range of topics that are foundational to understanding the offshore wind industry.

For more details about the key learning outcomes from each lesson, download the full course curriculum.